Lights, Camera, Christmas at Disney’s Hollywood Studios


Discover all of the Christmas magic of old Hollywood at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Disney’s Hollywood Studios is decorated for the Christmas Season in the typical Hollywood style. Each section of the park is decorated with greenery, lights, and festive ornaments. The highlight for the Holidays at this Theme Park is the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. This is the most amazing light display you will ever see!

This attraction is named after the Osborne Family that created this original light display in their home town of Little Rock, Arkansas.  They kept adding lights and decorations to their home until they reached over 3 millions lights. Their display got so large that the government told them they had to shut down the light display. Disney stepped in and offered to display their lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This light display is now available for all guests to see and enjoy.

Originally the lights did not flash, but they recently improved the light display to actually dance to music. This is the most incredible light display live to music. This is a walking display that covers several blocks at the Streets of America, near Muppet Vision 3-D and Lights, Motors, Action! This area does get very very crowded, so be prepared for the crowds. The lights turn on around dusk and stay on until about 1 hour after Disney’s Hollywood Studios close. My favorite part is walking down the street with snowflakes falling on my face with the lights dancing all around me.

Many guests wonder about taking little kids (under 3) to Disney World. Our agents always tell guests that Disney World is perfect for kids of all ages. This light display is a perfect example of why Disney is great, even for kids under 3. Our agency went to the opening of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights with pur families including kids that were 1-3 years old. The kids were mezmerized by the lights. They did not want to leave. They wanted to walk around the lights over and over, again. We are all regulars to the Disney Theme Parks, but these kids were more excited about these light than any other attraction or ride at Disney World during the Christmas Season. These lights are a must see for everyone. This light display runs from November 28-January 4.

For more information about Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disney World vacations, click here.


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